Automate Insurance Efficiency

With parametric insurance, shippers can reduce rates by monitoring and managing en-route shipment conditions.

ChronosCloud connects Internet of Things sensors for location, temperature, humidity, light detection, tilt and shock with data from carriers from across the supply chain.

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Continuous Sensing

Know what's happening at every moment as your shipment moves to destination--even when transferring between partners. 


Proactive Alerts

Identify exceptions before they become urgent, and take action to correct conditions or dispatch replacements.


Ensure Accountability

Pinpoint the times and places where issues arise, so you can troubleshoot recurring problems, recover costs and benchmark suppliers.

Extend Your Intelligence

Freight claims and parametric insurance are just one of the ways that ChronosCloud can automate excellence in your supply chain. 

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Build the Solution Your Company Needs

Add Your Own Processes

Tech Only

  • Cloud-based platform for:
  • Data feed connections (APIs)
  • WebConnect data from suppliers
  • IoT sensor condition reporting
  • Mobile apps for online events
  • Alerts and notifications
Let Us Manage For Efficiency

Tech + Expertise

  • All of the tech tools, plus:
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Control tower infrastructure
  • Exception resolution
  • Optimization and customization
  • Advanced AI algorithms
  • End-of-reporting-period management

Better Insurance for the Automated Supply Chain

Parametric Rating

It's simple: When insurers know their customers have tight controls on sensitive cargo, they are able to charge less.

ChronosCloud has the Internet of Things-driven sensors and automated alerts to let you know when shipments experience changes to temperature, humidity, light exposure, tilt and shock. 

By connecting this to all partner data, it's like you have eyes on your goods 24/7. And, you are ready to respond to any issues at the instant they occur.

Hands-off And Handled

ChronosCloud's managed model means that you have a team of supply chain experts ready to act on anomalous conditions or trends. 

You don't have to wait for reports of damage or assign "tiger teams" to babysit critical shipments. Instead, we design and pre-load actions--and then use our algorithms and resources to manage problems before they occur.

Of course, you can also choose to integrate ChronosCloud technology into your own processes if you prefer. Either way, you benefit from automating standard flows and focusing efforts on exceptions and improvements.

Reclaim The Claims Process

Every year, companies lose millions of dollars in unfiled insurance claims and resources required to establish accountability. 

ChronosCloud-driven parametric insurance solutions put you back in charge of claims. You'll instantly see where and when damage occurred--and who was responsible.

More important, you'll have the real-time, automated intelligence to avoid damage in the first place. 

The Supply Chain Transformation Strategy Kit

Ready to think beyond just visibility and discover how automation can transform your entire supply chain? With ChronosCloud, you'll discover ways to improve operations, finance, insurance and more.

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