Better Supply Chains Start
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Before managers can effectively connect supply chain data, they must recognize the types and limitations of data. ChronosCloud understands how to bring information together.

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“Data Is The New Oil”

The Economist, May 6, 2017

In an information economy and a digital age, the winning supply chains will be those that have the best data and the most sophisticated tools to understand it. 

Physical Data

Includes any notifications that result from actual interaction with goods.

Examples: Carton scans, shock and tilt indicators attached to freight.

Synthetic Data

Results from the application of rules, predictions and correlations.

Examples:Inventory auto-replenishment triggers; ERP status updates such as "on hand and available" regardless of whether goods are put away on the shelf yet; forecasts.

Captive Data

Is only known to be accurate at the moment it's entered. After that, it may or may not be current.

Examples: Offline spreadsheet cells; milestone statuses such as "in transit, departed origin."

Dynamic Data

Updates as conditions change, describing its subject continuously over time.

Examples: Internet of Things (IoT) condition monitors that show exactly when and where temperature, humidity, shock, light exposure or tilt events occur.

ChronosCloud Ensures Data Quality

Information, by itself, isn't bad. But failing to understand limitations can be crippling. Learn how you can bridge the gaps from wrong, missing, delayed or inaccessible data:

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